Sunday, February 22, 2009

I finally did it

Persayes is now 16 months and in the habit of sleeping with Tim and I, being nursed to sleep, and nursing through the night. We love having her in bed with us, but I was ready to have her be more independent. Friday night I put her in her crib to cry herself to sleep. Tim was not supportive of me doing it so between that and Persayes screaming it was a sad night. She only cried for 45 min. before she fell asleep. She did wake up 3 times during the night to nurse and cried for 5 min. once I put her back into bed. I don't want to do too much at once so I am going to start weaning her from nursing during the night after I have her comfy sleeping on her own. Last night when I put her down in her crib she only cried for 15 min. before she feel asleep. It was such a relief to finally do this. I was so worried that she was going to feel abandoned with how old she is, but I think she is doing good. She is just hesitant of her crib now. I can now say my beautiful crib is getting some use out of it.

Going Raw

Last week I did a 3 day juice cleanse. It was a long 3 days but it was nice to get it over with. I have been able to kick my sugar addiction because of it and I am going 75% raw. My goal is to eat breakfast and lunch raw, and eat a healthy dinner. I have a great cook book that I am using and it seems so easy and yummy to do now. I think I am going to gradually introduce Tim and Doug to the food and hope they like it. I'll post some good recipes when i come across them.