Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 months.

Here are some pictures of Persayes. I have so many on my camera and it is very hard to decide which ones to post.
She is now 3 months old. I love her so much and I love being an at home mommy. We have to much fun together.
Well bad news for me- she is getting her teeth. They have not yet broken the skin but you can see and feel them. Keep your fingers crossed for my sake that she isn't a bitter.

It is still not done:):):) almost though

Yes Persayes nursery is still not done. I decided after it was done to add white stripes to the wall so I am still working on it. I go through motivated spurts. Some days I will work on it and others I wont. I have been doing some craft projects for her room. I love doing them for her room. She is going to have the most decorated room in the house.

Here is a pic of her pink, black and white wall with her crib. The bed on the right is pulled away from the wall quite a bit. It is not that close to the crib.

This is the guest bed that is in the room. It is so comfy.

I found these chipboard letters at Roberts so I got scrapbook paper and glued it on and finished them with ribbon.

And here is her little "Time out" chair I got at Roberts and painted. I am not sure if I like the black on it but it is a pain to paint over so it might stay this way.:)
the right is pulled away from the wall so it is not going to be that CLOSE.

My Steal from WalMart

Tims brother gave me a swing for Persayes for my birthday. Tim hooked it up to the wall but blew a fuse in the process. my Mom and I decided to return it to Wal Mart and exchange it for a more girly one. I found one i really liked that was more unisex. It was priced at $59.00. We brought it up to buy and it rang up for $109.00 We went and grabbed the price tag that said $59.00 and they gave it to me for that price. So with the exchange of the other swing I only paid $20.00. I love it when that happens:) Persayes loves it and now i can get so much done during her nap time.

While We were there my Mom bought her a really cute valentines dress.

Monday, January 14, 2008

our weekend

I took a couple of pics this weekend of Persayes. here are some of my faves. Persayes has discovered her hands and we find her sucking on them now. Below is her pretty Christmas dress. It is always hard to hold on to her while she is wearing it.

This is the cute shirt aunt crystal brought her back from new york. She is showing her N.Y attitude.
I decided to do her nursery a little different so I am still working on it. I am excited for it to be done. I will post pics when it is.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2 months already

wow persayes is 2 months. she has already out grown some of her pj's and luckily walmart had some on clearance when I went yesterday.
she has the longest curliest eyelashes.
she loves when i sing " baby mine" to her from dumbo. i sing it to her while she is crying in the car and she usually calms down. she also likes child's prayer. she smiles and laughs all the time now. i am so excited that's she will have some new cousins this year. i love her so much and i can't imagine life with out her now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My sweet Baby Girl

Happy New Year. I know Courtney is sad she hasn't had a chance to see Persayes yet so i wanted to post a couple of pictures for her. I love you court. She is smiling like crazy now. she is such a happy baby, but very attached to her mommy. I worry because everyone says I spoil her to much but how do you not??