Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm Back

I love looking at other peoples blogs. I have always thought how great it is that every one is basically making a journal to look back on. So why the heck have I stopped doing it? I don't know how many people will actually look at this and read it, but I am going to start blogging again about the fun Persayes and I have.
Persayes and I are living with my Mom now. It has been very nice being here with her since I am a single mother who is working and going to school- Oh yeah I finally started college. I am going to school to be a dietitian and I an deciding about going to law school after.
Persayes and I have been having a lot of fun. I can not believe how big my little girl has gotten and how grown up she is. She knows how to get what she wants, but I have been working on not giving into everything she wants. She was doing very well at going to the bathroom on her pink potty, but I think she has lost a little interest. My friend jokingly asked my why you don't put a child's nose in it and spank them like you do a dog, cause you know it works for a dog. I'm thinking about resorting to that one soon. I know I just need to actually work harder with her, but laziness kinda gets in the way.
Persayes also loves her cousins, especially Abbey and Charlie. Most mornings that is the second thing she asks for, the first is to watch Signing Time (shes obsessed.)I am so excited for this summer. I am thinking about getting another pass to Seven Peaks so we can relax in the sun and have a fall back plan if other plans fall through. I will also be doing summer school, probably at night so it doesn't interfere with my tan. Another thing Persayes loves doing is taking pictures with my camera. I caught her setting up her stuffed doggies the other day and snapping pictures of them in different posses.
I just got a new laptop and I do not have all my pictures on it yet so her are some recent photos of Persayes and I.


Where The Wilds Things Are said...

I am glad you are back to blogging. You both looks so great. I love Persayes' little braids in her hair. I hope you are doing well.

Misty said...

Corine! I'm glad you're back. Persayes is gorgeous!!! You are pretty cute yourself too, it's only obvious where she got her looks. :) We need to get together! In the mean time, keep up the blogging!

J'aime said...

I can't believe she is so big now!! Can you believe how fast they grow?? She is so so beautiful, Corine.. I'm so happy for you!

courtneyb said...

love her braids! Work on that tan so you don't have to fake tan :)