Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice day on the Lake

My friends Dallis and Stacy just purchased a new boat last week. We decided to start spring break off right and took the boat on Utah lake. The water was way to cold to get into, but it was still fun to drive around. I am so excited to go wake-boarding and try surfing (with this boat you can surf behind it with out holding onto a rope) this summer. I forgot to bring a camera with me so here is a pic from my phone. It was so gorgeous out there today the water looked like a perfect mirror.

I need to know some people opinion on summer school for me :) My grant only covers two semesters a year and I have already used up one. Do I do summer school and figure out a way to pay for Fall semester, or do I just take the summer off and go back this summer- all opinions wanted and needed :)

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weller14 said...

enjoy your summer with your daughter. work, save money, etc. or just go to school part time this summer and pay for it out of pocket.